Thursday, July 12, 2018

nothing good will come of this video

A couple things to note about the following vid:

1. There's no spoken dialogue, and the captions are in French, but you can pretty much guess what's going on even if you don't know French.

2. Despite the use of certain French cheeses and meats, this has to be some of the most un-French cooking I've seen: the French generally (1) eat smaller portions than Yanks, (2) focus more on garden/fresh vegetables than on cheese and meat, and (3) don't focus nearly as much on bread as the stereotype about French people would suggest. And yet here we are, watching a French-language video showing little more than cheese and carbs, with occasional hot dogs (and American-style bread bowls) thrown in, plus the liberal use of Coca Cola, barbecue sauce, and US-style streaky bacon (as the Brits call it).

That said, enjoy the decadence laid out before you.

NB: the video's title, "15 recettes pour les accros au fromage," means "15 Recipes for Cheese Addicts." The slang term accro comes from the verb accrocher, which means "to hang on to" or "to hook on to." When you're hooked on something, you're an addict.

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