Friday, July 13, 2018

the BBQ cheat day

I've tried to be good this week, eating low to no carbs by scarfing down nothing but chicken breast and salad and fish,* but today is Fuck It Day, and I'll be teaming up with my buddy Charles this evening to tackle the latest BBQ mecca in Seoul: Ryan Smokehouse. Read Joe McPherson's writeup to learn more about the place, which is run by an honest-to-God Texan who knows his way around a smoker.

Expect photos.

*I'll have you know that I officially began my Eschew the Elevator campaign on Monday, and I've been walking upstairs from the B1 level to the 14th floor of my apartment building every single goddamn night after I put in my steps. After only four days, it's getting marginally easier to make the climb, although I still end up soaked in sweat by the end. Next week: we ramp things back up to 26 floors every day. Hooray!

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