Tuesday, August 13, 2019

canceling "The Hunt"

Jon Miller's video begins with a spiel about Jeffrey Epstein, but I've cued up the part where Miller talks about the cancellation of a movie called "The Hunt," which apparently sparked outrage among both liberals and conservatives. The film is a satire in which rich, elitist liberals in a dystopian world go on hunting safaris to kill rightie "deplorables," a group of whom manage to fight back. Outraged conservatives (including Donald Trump, who tweeted angrily about it) apparently see the film as unflattering to conservatives; outraged liberals hate the film for its portrayal of liberals as violent sadists. Miller weighs in, expressing his disappointment that the combined outrage mobs have brought the film down, but he mainly blames the left for its censorious refusal to allow leftists to be portrayed in a bad light. I agree with Miller: the film should have been released. Perhaps it still will be... on home video.

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