Saturday, August 10, 2019

Styx on Rosanna Arquette's white guilt

"Limousine liberal" is a term I heard years ago to describe the rich lefties who tell everyone how to live while they, by contrast, fail to practice what they preach. Leonardo DiCaprio comes in for a lot of hate, these days, because he preaches green living out of one side of his mouth while using a private jet to scoot from environmental summit to environmental summit, leaving a massive carbon footprint for one lone guy. White man speak with forked tongue. In the above video, Styx offers some choice suggestions for people like Rosanna Arquette (an 80s/90s-era has-been whose net worth is $9 million, by the way): go give your money to the poor. Go live under a bridge and sleep in a cardboard box. Go organize a fundraiser to refurbish some schools. Do something instead of just sitting on your ass and talking.

I'd like to think, in fact, that this is an area where liberals and conservatives can agree: conservatives appreciate individual, voluntary action at the local level while liberals are vocal about serving the community and helping the downtrodden. There's no reason why righties and lefties can't both find themselves at a local soup kitchen, helping those who need help—the strong aiding the weak. But people like Arquette are mere virtue-signalers; they announce their supposed "guilt" as a way of saying "See how 'woke' I am?"—and then they go back to attending the same coke-snorting parties that they always go to—the ones full of over-privileged, sanctimonious dickheads like them.

For what it's worth, I've written before on the topic of liberals and conservatives working together. In my estimation, rich liberals like Rosanna Arquette aren't worthy to lick the boots of the liberals (and conservatives!) who actually put in the hours at the aforementioned soup kitchens, doing something real, doing something of substance and consequence, fighting the good fight even when the fight seems doomed to fail. Arquette and the rest of the self-righteously bloviating limousine-liberal tribe can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned. And they can shove their white guilt up their collective ass.

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John Mac said...

I reckon you saw the reaction of the Baltimore Sun to those conservatives who hit the streets in the city to clean up all that garbage. You are right, many lefties only pretend to care about the poor and downtrodden.

Still, Rosanna did have a hit song written about her. And that's all that matters about her in *ahem* Toto.