Sunday, August 25, 2019

the Trump phenomenon

Here's Larry Elder talking about, among other things, how Trump became president:

Here's Tim Pool on how we all live in Trumpworld now, like it or not:

And here's Pool again on how most Americans are against impeachment:

The left doesn't have its finger on the pulse of the nation as a whole, and its continued failure to understand or connect with reality is guaranteed to cost it the 2020 election. While I'm pretty sure the president we elect in 2024 will be a Democrat, 2020 is pretty much a lock for Trump. On some dim, reptilian level, the left knows this, but because so much of the left is all id at this point, that side of the aisle has no impulse control. This is why an impeachment is likely to happen: it may be against the will of the people, and it may cost the Democrats cherished seats in Congress, but the left can't help itself. It's horrifying and sad to watch, like reviewing a slow-motion film of your family getting crushed to death in a car accident. There's nothing a rational person can do to stop the tide, and the tide has no way of stopping itself.

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