Thursday, August 08, 2019

June speaks out for the mute and defenseless

I only just heard about the cruel female YouTuber, Brooke Houts, who accidentally and stupidly uploaded footage of herself abusing her new pet Doberman. In the footage, Houts slaps the dog, manhandles it, yells at it, and even spits on it. June, who goes by the moniker Shoe0nhead, was outraged and decided to make a video about the incident. It's worth your time to watch this, and to ponder certain people's casual cruelty toward animals:

As June points out in the video, the incredible thing—aside from the abuse itself—is the scarily two-faced nature of Brooke Houts. Pretty by certain standards (she does nothing for me, truth be told), Houts seems to suffer from a syndrome that I suspect manifests in many beautiful women: outwardly saintly, inwardly a bitch. Like it or not, beauty opens doors, and winning the genetic lottery means you rarely have to work hard to get whatever you want. This is not a good recipe for character development. Brooke Houts strikes me as over-privileged and in need of about sixteen weeks of US Army basic training—what the men do, not the women.

EPILOGUE: the LAPD is investigating Houts for animal abuse.

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