Sunday, August 11, 2019

Mark Robinson redux

I wrote about Mark Robinson last year, but the video of Robinson's impassioned speech in the wake of a mass shooting has resurfaced and is making the rounds again. Robinson makes the basic, obvious point that more gun laws will only affect (and handicap) the law-abiding. This commonsense insight seems never to penetrate the dim consciousness of the gun-grabbers.

The above video has been given the cringe-inducing title "Black Guy Causes City Council to Erupt Over 2A Speech." I don't see how the man's race figures into this, so I find the video's title in very poor taste. Some commenters, leaving their thoughts below the vid, agree with me, calling Mr. Robinson "a red-blooded American." Damn straight.

When I wrote about Robinson last year, I said the guy ought to get into politics. According to some commenters on the above video, Robinson is currently running for office.

I sincerely hope he wins.

Keywords: Mark Robinson, Second Amendment, 2A, gun laws, gun control, mass shooting, massacre, city council

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