Monday, August 26, 2019

the Kevin's Walk 3 blog is now more or less operational

I've finally established the Kevin's Walk 3 blog for the upcoming trans-Korea trek. Click here. For the moment, I've simply copied and pasted some recent walk-related posts from this blog, but starting tonight, if I have anything walk-related to say, I'm going to post it there and not here. I won't be announcing those posts on this blog, so it'll be up to you to keep up with my news by visiting Kevin's Walk 3 regularly.

Can't say I like the Photoshop job I did for the banner; the low resolution made the lettering look chunky, and using the blur tool didn't really cover up the problem, so I'll be redoing the image tonight as a 300-dpi graphic to get the smooth lettering I need, then I'll reduce the pic to the screen-standard 72 dpi. (This would all be easier on Illustrator, where you can do scalable vector fonts.*) Expect a better banner in about a day. Only the best for my readers.

*I just saw the question "How do I vectorize text in Photoshop?" on Google, so that might or might not be a solution to my problem. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: the new, improved banner is up.