Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Chad Prather, "political cowboy"

This is the second Chad Prather video I've watched. Along with his country twang comes a good dose of wit and humor. Watch this Prather video about "the AfterBern":

I agree with every word of the above. The first video of Prather's that I watched, however, contained some ideas that I definitely don't agree with, so I'm a bit circumspect about this guy. I'll take what wisdom I can from him, but just as I ignore Styx when he starts talking about the occult, I'll ignore Prather's blather when he bloviates about marriage equality and its relationship to religion. I'd like conservatives a lot more if they could only bring themselves into the twenty-first century when it comes to matters of marriage, sex, gender, and all the dimensions of human sexuality. Mind you, I'm talking only about a certain sector of the right, which is the same caveat I've given about my broad references to people on the left.

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John Mac said...

"When AOC graduates high school" made me laugh. I think she's too stupid to be dangerous, but it's the people behind the curtain you have to worry about.
Seeing long standing institutions like the FBI and DOJ corrupted by anti-democracy partisans should be concerning to all Americans.