Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tim Pool on Epstein conspiracy theories

Tim Pool shares my skepticism about Jeffrey Epstein's death. While the right is converging on the "Oh, he was definitely murdered" narrative, Pool points out the simple fact that we currently have no direct evidence that this is the case. The murder crowd is operating purely on sketchy reasoning from circumstantial evidence that has already been filtered through the press, i.e., there is almost nothing to go on.

Dr. John Pepple notes the following:

This reeks of the sort of things that happen in banana republics. Either (1) he did commit suicide, and (a) it was incredible incompetence on the part of the prison authorities to take him off a suicide watch, or (b) the authorities were bribed to do so, so that he could make his attempt without hindrance[;] or (2) he was murdered[;] or (3) he’s not dead at all and has been spirited away somewhere.

I vote (3). Epstein is partying with Elvis.

ADDENDUM: a vandal has scrawled "XOXO HILLARY + BILL" just outside of Epstein's townhouse in Manhattan. The Clinton Body Count trope persists.

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