Wednesday, August 14, 2019

on batteries and clothing

If I'm not mistaken, one of my cell-phone batteries dates back to 2013, back when I purchased my current cell phone. At this point, my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, is showing its age: it's gotten finicky about which plugs it can charge with, so I find myself having to drag around my 2017-era portable power supply, which no longer recharges three full times: it can barely make two full recharges. I'm not worried about the portable charger, though; two full recharges will be enough to get me through two days in a row of camping. I am, however, thinking that I ought to replace at least one of my phone's batteries. One battery, as mentioned above, is six years old; the other is two years old and already showing rapid power drainage as I use it all day long. The older battery drains down to 10% power, then shuts the phone off: that's how old and decrepit it is. At the very least, that battery needs to be tossed and replaced.

I'm hoping that cold weather won't be an issue when it comes to battery-power drainage. I'll be starting in late September, when daytime temps will be warm, but nighttime temps might be slightly cooler. By the time I hit mid-October, night might actually be cold, and that's when I'll be doing three out of my projected four days of camping. I suppose I can just keep my power supply physically close to me as I sleep, and during my walks, if the day is cold, I can house my tech inside the chest pocket of a jacket.

That's one major difference between a spring hike and a fall hike: the need to dress in layers, which means the need to bring along extra clothing. Not tragic: I'll be taking along a poncho, my blue windbreaker from last time, and a light-but-fluffy insulating vest that was a gift from my ex-boss. Given how much stuff I won't be taking this time around (think: food, as I won't be eating when I'm camping, so yes, there will be a point where I go two days without food), the addition of the vest won't be onerous at all.

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John Mac said...

Two days without food? With all day walks before and after? I don't recall you doing that last time. Have you road tested starvation hiking before?