Monday, August 12, 2019

life improves

After a month of working with an insufferable temporary coworker (she'd been kicked out of her teaching position and given thirty days' notice to leave, during which time she was to work in R&D while looking for employment elsewhere), my life suddenly improved the moment she left, which was this past Friday. Over the weekend, two items I had been desperately seeking for months suddenly appeared before me, like magic, in my apartment: (1) the hand-held baggage scale that my brother David had given me last year, and (2) a mini multi-tool that is 100 g lighter than my full-size multi-tool. The scale turned out to have been hiding in plain sight on one of my bookshelves, and the multi-tool had been hiding inside the various folds of my new backpack. I had periodically searched for both of these items since at least the beginning of this year, if not before. Now, with my vile coworker gone, I was suddenly able to find these items as if they had been calling out to me. Maybe this was the cosmos's way of rewarding me for not having taken a baseball bat to my coworker's skull. Working with her did require nearly infinite forbearance. I'll write more on this later. Maybe.


John Mac said...

When one door closes, two doors open. Good things come in threes. It's always in the last place you look.

I normally avoid trite phrases like a plague, but there you go.

Charles said...

Hooray for small victories!