Saturday, August 10, 2019

the wheels of impeachment are turning

Tim Pool's video title, below, is a bit too sensationalistic: the Democrats haven't yet formally brought articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, but they're gearing up to do so, and it looks as though nothing will stop impeachment from happening. This is, of course, both a well-anticipated move and a huge mistake, and it's bound to backfire even further on the Democrats, who have already taken a machete to their party's image by allowing their far-left wing to take over the stage. The Dems at least have their timing correct: the best time to impeach Trump isn't 2019 but 2020, the actual election year, and by gearing up for impeachment now, they will have the momentum to bring articles of impeachment against Trump early next calendar year. But what's likely to happen is that swing voters will lose all sympathy for the Democrats, who will be viewed as desperate enough to try anything to prevent Trump's reelection. It seems, though, that the Democrats can't help themselves: since 2016, they've been stepping on rakes pretty much non-stop. The screaming in 2020 is going to be far shriller than it was in 2016, especially once impeachment dies an ignoble death in the GOP-dominated Senate.

ADDENDUM: Styx doesn't take the situation seriously:

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