Thursday, October 28, 2021

20K yesterday

Yesterday, I had nothing to do after finishing up that grammar chart/calendar I'd talked about before, so the boss told me to just leave. I lingered a bit, then left around 4:45 p.m. and decided to walk down to Bundang from work, knowing this would be a slightly longer walk than when I do it from my apartment. Turns out it was almost exactly 20 kilometers, but hey—it was a way to burn some extra calories. 

Today is a fasting and stairs-training day (plus the shorter version of the walk home, around 80 minutes), and tomorrow is a cheat day because we're having our October luncheon, catered by my coworker's wife. My understanding is that tomorrow's lunch is bossam. The boss won't be in tomorrow, so that means more food for me! Bossam is actually pretty keto, but I'll be eating a rather non-keto jjambbong tomorrow evening to cancel that out. Long walk on Saturday (with only a shake and some keto trail mix to eat) to counteract the cheat day, of course. Weigh-in and numbers on Sunday, if I remember. My belt tells me I'm about the same, but maintaining one's weight can't be bad news, right?


Charles said...

There are far worse things than maintaining one's weight. And if you're feeling better in general, I imagine that would even be a good thing.

John Mac said...

I agree with Charles. The weight thing is a means to an end, better health overall. Your lifestyle changes will hopefully prevent a future stroke and avoid the dreaded diabetes. You are on the right track so keep it up. Be patient with the weight.

Kevin Kim said...

If my weight doesn't show an increase this weekend, I'll consider that a win, then.