Sunday, October 24, 2021

about Friday

I told my boss and coworkers that I had written about them on my blog, and I told them about the comments my post had received. One coworker had enough shame to admit that, yeah, "lazy-husband syndrome" was at least a partial cause for why no one had eaten my food for a month, but he also defended himself by noting that most of the office went on vacation right around Chuseok time, so for about two weeks, no one was around to eat anything. 

This still doesn't explain why no one had bothered to take home the Italian sausage I had made for everyone before my departure: each coworker got 750 grams of home-ground sausage, and what did they do with it? Fuck-all, that's what. All that meat is still sitting in the office freezer. I guess they're expecting me to cook something. The boss tried to butter me up by saying his wife still talks about the giant quiche I'd made way back when. Since he's invited us to his place for a Christmas party, I suppose I'll make that quiche again as a way to get in good with the Missus.

Anyway, this past Friday, I bought a new block of feta (the first block of feta had gone rotten) and a new box of cherry tomatoes. I thawed out the Middle Eastern chicken, prepped some couscous, chopped the tomatoes, and we all sat down to the lunch that should have been eaten back in September. In the end, nothing was left; we laid waste to the whole thing, although I'm not sure my Korean coworker enjoyed the food as much as we Yanks did. The situation is changing, but many Koreans still have a hangup about eating anything with cumin in it, and my Moroccan-inspired dish definitely had cumin.

So that's one lingering problem finally resolved. I probably won't make that chicken for another year, but in the meantime, I can guarantee some other bullshit will come up to give me a headache.


John Mac said...

It was pretty gutsy to directly confront your co-workers about their rudeness and to tell them about your blog post. It seems they took the criticism in stride and there are no residual hard feelings. Glad you were able to finally enjoy the month-old meal.

Kevin Kim said...

They know about the blog, but they just don't read it.