Saturday, October 16, 2021

boy, there's always something

Walked to Bundang, and while it was, in many ways, a good day for a walk, it was also quite cold, so once again, instead of doing my promised 35K, I did just 18K. Funny—when I arrived back in Seoul on Thursday the 14th, it was sunny and warm, a lot like the weather I'd left behind in Busan. I'd heard from a couple people that Seoul had gotten colder, which is in line with my belief that fall doesn't truly arrive until mid-October. I wish I had been hiking the east-coast trail in this sort of weather (a jacket plus my toshi would have kept me warmer, plus the very effort of walking would have heated me up), but this year, Chuseok came early, so I had no choice but to arrange my vacation earlier than I'd wanted to.

Oh, well. At least I did my 18K, so there's that.


John Mac said...

I guess I've gotten spoiled. No pictures from your Bundang hike?

Enjoy the cold. It doesn't exist in my simulated universe.

Kevin Kim said...

It was kind of a relief not to have to take a slew of pictures, upload them, and provide captions.