Friday, October 15, 2021

I'm back!

As you've seen from the slew of posts that suddenly appeared here, I'm back from my walk to Busan. If you read nothing else, go read my postmortem summary of the trip. It's not a walk I'm eager to repeat anytime soon—too much civilization, pollution, etc. But it was nevertheless educational, so I don't consider it a waste of time.

I misbehaved a lot, dietetically speaking, during the walk, and as a result, this may be the first cross-country walk I've done in which I didn't lose any weight (at least according to my belt, which ultimately showed no change in waist size). I'll weigh myself this coming Sunday morning after having taken a day or two to restart the dietary and exercise discipline that got me where I was before the walk, but I'm not expecting good numbers, to be honest. Not to worry: I'll rebuild, and by mid-December, when I have my next doctor's appointment, my numbers ought to be back to being excellent, although not by much: I was down to 101 kg before the walk, and my goal weight is 90 kg, which I hope to lose at a slower, more reasonable pace over the course of a year.

In future posts, I'll be talking about some of the health-related insights I had during the walk, and how I might apply those insights to my new life. I've also got a ton of movies to watch, so expect more movie reviews. Today, I'm walking to Bundang in the evening, and tomorrow, I'm once again going to try walking to Bundang and back—35K total for the round trip. With the weather being cooler now, and with me being seasoned by a month of walking, the 35K ought to be a breeze. Stay tuned!

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