Thursday, October 21, 2021

a rocky first week back

Diet-wise, I could be doing better. I mean, I'm generally behaving myself in terms of carbs—I'm pretty much back on a gentler form of Newcastle, now, so I'm no longer hitting the sugar, but I know I could do better. Tuesday, a fasting day, went well for the most part, but I've been heavy on the calories on the days I do eat, and this Friday and the following Friday are my two October cheat days. 

The coworkers all acted like helpless husbands during the month I was gone, completely ignoring the food I'd prepared for them (Middle Eastern chicken and Italian sausage); it's all still in the freezer, except for the tomatoes, which spent a month in the office fridge along with the feta cheese, which I threw out after I smelled it and discovered it was rotten (the tomatoes, all wrinkly and dry, had to go, too). What a fucking waste. And why didn't the guys eat the food I'd made them? Because they were all too goddamn lazy to do the final prep work to feed themselves. I mean, how much effort does it take to thaw the chicken out and microwave it? How hard is it to prepare couscous, for God's sakes? With couscous, you just pour hot water into the pasta, add a knob or two of butter, close the container, and wait five minutes. But, no—my coworkers showed they had all become lazy husbands who expect someone else to do the damn cooking for them. So we'll all be eating my chicken on Friday; I've bought a new block of feta, and I guess I need to buy another box of cherry tomatoes. Jesus.

As for my nutrition—next week, I'll buckle down harder. Meanwhile, today (Thursday) is another fasting day, so here's hoping that that helps even out the damage.

Discipline is hard. And apparently, for my coworkers, minimal food prep is hard. Christ.


  1. Wow! I recall you taking the time and doing all that work before your trip so as to meet your "feeding day" obligation, then you sent them detailed instructions on finalizing the meal. Honestly, their failure to appreciate those efforts seems very disrespectful. Glad you don't have to expend much more time salvaging the food for this month's meal.

  2. I've been alternating meal prep with my coworker's wife; October is "her" month, which is why my cheat days are on consecutive Fridays. So we'll eat my September meal tomorrow, then the wife's meal on the final Friday of the month. But yeah, meal prep for my meal is essentially done, so I guess that's a plus.

  3. Sounds like someone is being taken for granted, if you ask me. (Which you didn't, but oh well.)



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