Wednesday, October 27, 2021

spiralizer, arrived

My spiralizer arrived from Amazon yesterday, and after reading up on zoodles, I decided it'd be best to prepare them close to when I plan to eat them, so I made a batch of zoodles this morning, right before work. If I remember to, I'll take a photo of them with my spaghetti sauce and cheese so you have some idea what they're like. I sampled some zoodles right after pan-frying them, and they weren't horrible, but they're certainly not anything like real pasta. All the same, we'll see how the zoodles are when I sit down to lunch in about an hour.

I think the zoodles will be more of a passing phase for me; as much as possible, I want my keto pasta to resemble pasta as closely as possible, and while zoodles might mimic the firmness and stringiness of spaghetti or fettuccine, they're still substantively different from pasta, being vegetables. I've got that egg-and almond flour-based pourable pasta that I'll be trying next, and if I can obtain the chemicals(!), I plan to make some keto noodles via molecular gastronomy (video here). So I'm not done looking for a decent keto replacement for pasta—not by a long shot. Still, now that I have the spiralizer, I'll be experimenting with salads and fried, keto-friendly vegetables (it never occurred to me that broccoli stems are spiralizable). I might also use spiralized zucchini in a frittata. Stay tuned.

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