Thursday, October 21, 2021

Day 6, recapitulated

I'll be heading back out to Gangneung this Saturday with my buddy JW, walking the Day 6 portion of the east-coast route. I had wanted to finish the day by coming back to Seoul and enjoying food at a local jjambbong place (video of the place here—I've never seen jjambbong that looks like a rib-sticking jjigae before, nor have I seen it served with a base of mandu), but the train we're taking back from the east coast won't arrive in Seoul until almost 10 p.m., so JW and I will eat while we're still on the east coast. Assuming we have time. I ought to be able to walk the route faster because I won't be taking a lot of pictures this time around, so I think JW and I will arrive at our destination with plenty of time to eat before we have to get on the train and sleep the sleep of the righteous. So yes, I'll be treating Saturday as a cheat day, or at least as a day for a cheat meal

A cheat day tomorrow (Friday), then a cheat meal on Saturday. The gods are not smiling upon my behavior, I'm sure, but I think this'll all work itself out. More on my health later.

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John Mac said...

I say cut yourself some slack. A good meal after a long hike is a worthy reward.