Thursday, October 28, 2021

belle photo de ma famille française

From my buddy Dominique, sent a while back:

I know a few of the folks in the above pic; in some cases, kids who were young when I last saw them have grown up. In other cases, the kids are ones I've never met before, and in still other cases, some adults were people I'd met back in the day but haven't seen or talked with in years—or never met at all. I see, on the far left, Tim, Hélo, and Auguste, the children of my buddy Dominique. In the top row, on the far left, I see Véronique (Dom's wife) and Dominique next to her. Next to Dom is his big brother Damien, followed by his wife Charlotte. Next to Charlotte is Sophie (glasses), wife of François, Dom's other big brother, who is next to Sophie. Then we've got Maman and Papa (Jeannette et Pierre) rounding out the top row. As for the bottom row, I don't think I can name anyone after Augustin.

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