Friday, October 22, 2021

PJW on the dumbest tweet of the year

Paul Joseph Watson puts forth what may be the dumbest tweet of the year:

I'm not on Netflix (not for lack of trying), so I haven't watched "Squid Game," but I've seen numerous commentaries and think I almost know the plot of Season 1. It sounds a lot like a "K-dramas meet Tarantino" scenario, with all the tension and stress that such a fusion implies, all while keeping the requisite quota of screaming and tears that make K-dramas so endearing to the screams-and-tears crowd. (Korean shows are fine with screaming, tears, and violence, but still not so great when it comes to kissing and sex, although they're getting better in that regard, as I discovered this past May while in hospital.)

Maybe one day, if I ever get on Netflix, I'll watch "Squid Game" and review it, but for now, I can only be a distant spectator to this cultural phenomenon, which I might tentatively characterize as the first truly respectable K-drama.

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