Tuesday, October 26, 2021

the Keto Twins dispense their wisdom

I have to say that I generally agree with everything said in this video:

The five points the ladies make are:

1. Most people fail on their keto weight-loss journey.

2. The "correct" keto is the keto you can do forever.

3. You will get bored (with your food).

4. You might go months without losing anything.

5. Forget your "goal weight."

The twins' focus is on following a sustainable lifestyle; maintaining weight loss, they argue, is more important than getting to a certain weight, and whatever weight you "arrive" at ought to be comfortable for you to maintain. The twins offer a bonus insight:

6. Weight loss won't solve all your problems.

Of the six notions mentioned, I'd say I'm guilty of putting emphasis on (5), having a goal weight. But then again, I intuitively know I'm not quite where I need to be, so I'm striving to lose those last few kilos—not to be able to say "I've arrived," but to be where I think I'm healthiest. 90 kilograms isn't unreasonable in that regard, but I'll keep in mind that I shouldn't be obsessively attached to that number.

I discovered the Keto Twins only today; one sister appears far more talkative than the other one, but together, they seem to have some decent, commonsense advice for those of us who struggle to shed the pounds.

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