Sunday, October 31, 2021


On Saturdays, I usually do a long walk of at least 18 kilometers. I decided to try something a bit different this time, and I took a detour from the Tan Creek to walk along the Jangji Creek (Jangji-cheon/장지천), a small tributary that leads into the Tan Creek. It was a bit of a disappointing walk, being a narrow path with noisy traffic not far off, but the detour added a couple kilometers to my normal walk down to Bundang. I'm not inclined to explore that spur much farther, but there are other paths that break off from the Tan Creek that might be worth looking at on future walks, including a path that runs on the other side of the creek, parallel to the path I normally walk.

The Jangji Creek detour was a left turn when facing toward Bundang; a bit farther down the path was a new trail, only a few months old, that broke off to the right. I followed that path, too, until I looked at a map and saw that the trail led inland and not along any watercourses. Disappointed again, I turned around and resumed my walk along the main Tan Creek path. The total distance of both of my detours wasn't much—maybe 2 or 3 kilometers in total, making my overall Saturday walk around 20 or so kilometers. 

As I said above, there are other paths to explore, so I may find myself going down some different routes in the near future. Stay tuned.

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