Sunday, October 17, 2021

it's not easy being green

I'm really liking these Belinda Carr videos about architecture. Here's one about the hypocrisy inherent in "green" buildings.

To be clear, Carr isn't anti-green, and I don't know enough about her to put her anywhere on the political spectrum. But she's extremely critical of people's uncritical acceptance of the new and the different when it comes to architectural innovation, which makes her something of an anti-Matt Ferrell (who runs the Undecided channel on YouTube, which explores exciting new technologies, all of which, according to the perennially breathless Ferrell, will soon revolutionize our future). I like that trait in her.


Charles said...

Belated comment here. My biggest takeaway is from her comment on the three Rs, and the fact that the most important of them--Reduce--is emphasized the least. Ouch. I want to live my consumer-based lifestyle and then be able to throw something into a recycling bin and not feel guilty about it! Don't tell me that I need to reduce my consumption!

(The more i hear about recycling these days, the more I start to think that it is a genuine scam. But that's another story.)

Kevin Kim said...

I keep waiting for Mr. Fusion, but one article said that such a machine would be nearly impossible to build because different types of matter convert to energy in different ways.

As for recycling being a scam... I put up a video about that, from the Canadian perspective, back in 2019.

Or just type "recycling" into my blog's search window, and you'll see many of the things I've blogged about recycling. I agree with the idea that it's largely a scam. It doesn't have to be, though.

Charles said...

Recycling definitely does not have to be a scam. But that would require corporations actually taking some responsibility for what they put out into the world (instead of blaming consumers for everything), so I'm not overly optimistic.