Friday, December 09, 2022

what's happening with Twitter?

Imagine that a beloved local mansion, known to everyone in the neighborhood, gets bought by some rich guy from out of town. Like everyone else, the rich guy is fairly charmed by his new purchase, but he knows the place has become a fixer-upper over the years. There are cracks and splinters here, scuff marks there, beams and wainscoting in need of replacement. There are things that need repainting, refurbishing, and renovating. And then the rich man goes up into the grand, spacious attic. What does he find?

Boxes and boxes full of porn mags, kill lists, pro-terrorism posters, kiddie-fetish pics, and all sorts of other vile filth. What kind of sick motherfuckers lived here?

This is about where Elon Musk is today as he continues to clean house at Twitter. Except the reality is worse than the analogy used above. What Musk is discovering is just how deep and wide this branch of the swamp has grown over the past few years, and it's disgusting. The roots and tendrils of corruption all run deep, and eradicating them is going to take a massive amount of time and energy. The usual people are already screeching in alarm, terrified of having their secrets exposed. The question I have, rooted in idle curiosity and cynicism, is whether we're going to see any consequences for these bad actors. Most of them, like Vijaya Gadde, deserve a long, long stint in prison if we're not allowed to bring back flaying and other medieval delights. Ideally, it'd be the chair for these creatures. Or dump them naked onto a remote island and shoot the ones who try to swim or sail away. But given how justice has pretty much disappeared from American culture these days, I don't expect anything serious to happen to Gadde and her twisted tribe. She'll get a slap on the wrist and find work elsewhere, free to breathe her maleficent toxicity onto another set of victims.

The second release of secret Twitter documents has happened. My fervent wish is for my readers who naively and innocently rely on mainstream news to take a moment to look, seriously, at what the alt-media have to say about Twitter and other matters not covered by the mainstream media. It's isn't just rightie hatemongering, and it's not lying. This is the truth you guys refuse to look at or listen to. And the nice thing about the alt-media is that they aren't an echo chamber: they disagree with each other even as they strive to be more honest than the MSM. They come from many different perspectives. They value intellectual diversity. You're better off hanging around alt-media sources than sticking with your usual MSM dose of soma. And in this case, soma equals bullshit. The harsh lesson of 2016 is that the media lie. They all fuckin' lie, especially if they're corporate (and yes, that includes Fox). Don't trust a single one of the mainstreamers. They aren't worth the shit they lovingly smear on each other.

ADDENDUM: here's part of the crap that Elon Musk has to deal with:

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John Mac said...

It's been said the truth will set you free.

It's also been said you can't handle the truth.

The left seems to be in denial about just how corrupted the MSM has become.