Thursday, May 20, 2004


As of today, I've made the command decision to revert back to undisciplined, unscheduled, free-form blogging until perhaps the second week of June. My K'eun Adjoshi called today and told me that I have to move out.

It's not what you're thinking; I'm not being kicked out of my place. The people living above me have to move out as well: our entire block, which consists of houses over 30 years old, is scheduled for demolition and reconstruction. I'm not entirely surprised-- they started the demolition/rebuilding last year up the street-- but it would have been nice to get earlier notice about when to move. As things stand, my ass needs to be out of here by the end of May at the latest. That gives me about 11 days to find and move into a new place.

I'm also interviewing for a possible teaching post at Ehwa University tomorrow (Friday) morning. If I get the job, that'll be fuckin' sweet: Ehwa's the top women's university, and the salary is more than I've ever earned over a year-long period. Keep your tentacles and antennae crossed.

On Saturday, I'm attending an international Buddhism conference at the Hanmaeum Seonweon near Seoul National University (here's the English-language website). Ought to be interesting, and I might be meeting up with Charlie the KimcheeGI and the illustrious Andi of Overboard, whom I've never met in person.

Just this evening, I got roped into seeing "Troy" on Sunday afternoon/evening with my regular moviegoing friends, Jang-woong and his lovely wife Bo-hyun. I don't know whether we'll be hitting the Buddha's Birthday parade that day, but it might be nice if we did.

OK... so there we go. It feels strange to depart from the self-imposed structure I've lived with since the beginning of March, but I don't really have much choice right now. Gotta pack, gotta plan, gotta move.

More in a bit.


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