Friday, May 21, 2004

goddamn, man

Judging by the tone of the post right below this one, I think it's safe to assume my buddy the Air Marshal's a weeeeeeee bit pissed off (am I reading this right?).

Although Dr. Vallicella can defend himself just fine, I'll note for the record that, based on my personal correspondence with him and on what he's written in his blogs and various papers, there's no way in hell Dr. V would be caught dead singing protest songs. I can imagine him contemplating a tree, but not hugging it.

To say it more plainly: I think he lumps himself with the Boomers simply because it's an accident of birth. I don't think he thinks like the Boomers. If anything, his claim that the Boomers will reap the whirlwind is actually supported by the Air Marshal's pissed-offedness. Indeed, the Boomer generation will have to sleep in the bed it's made for itself.

But then... every generation does that.


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