Saturday, May 01, 2004

Saturday Swag

A new mouse pad fo' yo' ass. Maybe I'm having a Far Side moment, but I like the combination of the open sky, the Alien soaring gracefully through fluffy clouds, and the earthy, incongruous reference to one of the most intractable problems of organic, sentient existence. I'm also gleefully parodying an ad campaign on American TV.

Diarrhea medicine ads. Tacky. It's a bit like the unavoidable crudeness of tampon commercials: women running in slo-mo on a beach (or standing in front of a waterfall) while the silky voiceover does its level best to make your chunky, bloody discharge sound as beautiful as praying in church. In actuality, ladies, riding the cotton pony is about as beautiful as farting and Hershey-squirting in church.

up through the atmosphere, up to where the air is clear...

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Juju and mojo mean roughly the same thing.

haw haw

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Choices, choices...

Fart in an elevator and someone might just kick you in the balls.







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