Wednesday, May 26, 2004

SBS offers a glimpse of Hominid

According to the KimcheeGI (and while you're at it, check out his Lotus Lantern Festival post and pics), I was on TV this evening (Tuesday, that is) and didn't even know it. I assume this Hominidal appearance was a snippet from an impromptu interview done at the Hanmaeum Zen Center on Saturday-- during the lunch recess, an unidentified dude with a camera caught me, Andi, and Andi's friend (so I assume Andi and friend were also on TV today). I can only apologize to all Koreans for my truly despicable Korean, and to all expats who watched my idiotic performance with more than a little embarrassment-- for themselves as well as for me. Just be happy I didn't pull any faces. Had I done that, one of you white folks would've tracked me down and killed me in a fit of "white-on-off-white" violence. Heh.


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