Thursday, May 27, 2004

Who's a daddy?

Probably more apropos on NakedVillainy, but what the hell. The title of BH's last post got me thinking. MaxLead over at Naked Villainy and I both have arrivals on the way. MaxLead with his third kid, first son, in less than a month. My wife and I are expecting Kid#2 (daughter #2) several weeks later. SmallHolder's child #2 follows in the fall. I know Carpemundi here has kids too. Wouldn't surprise me if he has a package on the way too.

2004 is a fertile year. A Close friend led the way in November with his 3rd kid. This year many, many of our friends have procreated. I wonder what it is? Something in the water? were there chemicals in 2003 that made us hornier than usual? Rather, did something make our wives hornier than usual? Maybe last years batch of condoms were defective.

Who knows.

Carpemundi responds to AirMarshall: My son is about to turn three, and my daughter just turned 6 months, having been born on 12 November. I think all of us just got off to a late start with the breeding and are trying to make up time.

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