Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Mixed Colostomy Bag Wednesday I: "Kill Bill Vol. 1"

It's Children's Day today, so I have the day off. No classes. It's just me and my very sore throat. My mission today is to track down a local DVD-room and watch "Kill Bill Volume 1" so I'll be prepped for "Volume 2" when it hits Seoul theaters in mid-May.

Later this afternoon/evening, I might have a review for you. In the meantime, let me distract you with some "found poetry," i.e., poetry created by stitching together fragments of other people's writing. In this case, I've chosen a recent post by Kevin at Incestuous Amplification. All the following phrases are either his, or are quotes found in his post.

Glenn and Tim,
both obviously wearing
bubbles of right-wing excitement
into the surrender pit
obviously afflicted with the same virus
sucking each other's cocks
to earn foreign exchange
nukes as a deterrent to suffering that fate
What say you peanut gallery?
Let's not

heart-to-heart discussions and walks in the moonlight
some quality Bush-blinders
to misinterpret
pretty goddamn ignorant
Let me rephrase that
How fucking ignorant
What say you peanut gallery?
I'm predicting they get a pass

schoolgirl naivety and cheerleading
invite boatloads of inspectors
into the surrender pit
Plenty of free passes out there
twill be interesting to see if the sock
was saying just the opposite

the "friendship" is sustainable
we saw what happened to Iraq
Let's not go sucking each other's cocks

[scroll down for Distraction #2]

Christmas is all year round


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