Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Mixed Colostomy Bag III: saving U the suspense

(disappointment, failure)

No "Kill Bill Volume 1" today. Call it Murphy's Law: a wallet with low reserves, and three different ATMs that refused to gimme my damn money. ATMs in Seoul have become a lot less friendly to me over the past year. Did I mention I'm po' ?

In other news: The Maximum Leader sheds his old blogskin for a newer, better-looking one. And his permalinks apparently work now, so let's test that out by linking to Smallholder's post cataloguing critiques of the Bush Administration's prosecution of the Iraq war. The Maximum Leader himself faces off against Keith Burgess-Jackson on the question of animals and their moral status.

I'm still trying to decide whether my response to Dr. Vallicella should appear as a Thursday Buddhism post or a Friday Religious Diversity post. Choices, choices... will probably post it on Friday, since it'll have to cover more than just Buddhism.


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