Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Dr. doCarmo strikes

My buddy Steve doCarmo (he of the tenure track position at a college in Bucks County, PA) wrote a novel a while back, and now he's got a sample of it online, right here. I had the privilege of reading his novel, The Shaker, during its draft stages, and even offered poor Steve a 20-page critique. Unlike me, Steve has no ego, so he took the critiques in stride, made some changes according to those critiques, then made a slew of extra changes, and is now shopping around for a publisher. I highly recommend that you give his sample a read, and if you're in the publishing biz, think seriously about taking a gander at Steve's ms. I found The Shaker to be quite fun, a wild goose chase that's as much inside the protag's befuddled, excitable head as happening around him.


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