Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Mixed Colostomy Bag IV: I whip out my poll

Out of sheer monkey curiosity (and because I'm thinking about narrowing this blog's focus even further), I've decided that, for once, I should come out of my Cave of Introversion and ask your opinion about something. The issue is this blog's focus.

For a long time now, I've tried to give you a little bit of everything according to my own interests. At the beginning of March, I systematized this into a weekly schedule that offers different daily topics. I've got a nasty sense of humor, but I'm also deeply interested in issues arising from my religious studies background. At the same time, I've always loved comic art, and while I'm no Bill Watterson or Gary Larson (or Mark Leyner, as far as the writing goes), I enjoy those times I get to cut loose and blast nasty brown humor-chunks around the room. Since I'm in Korea and learning about my mother's culture, it's also been my pleasure to post on Korea-related issues. The end result is that you get a little bit of everything, i.e., not much of anything. I'm comfortable with that, but sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to run a tighter ship, a blog with a primary focus and only occasional digressions.

To that end, I've picked those four major areas-- religion/philo, humor, comic art, and Korean issues-- as topics for you to vote on in an informal and very unscientific poll. Please don't think too deeply about the question; just vote according to your gut. I'm curious. I might move this poll to the sidebar and let it sit there for a week or two so I can gather some data. Then I might just ignore it all and decide I like things the way they are. We'll see. This is only an experiment.

Fine. I lied. One thing you might want to consider when voting is: Where would you like this blog to go (I didn't include answer options like "to hell" or "up my ass"-- sorry)? Your answer to this question might or might not be the same as the answer to the question, "What brings you to my hairy chasms?" Please keep that future-orientation in mind as you answer, even though the question's in the present tense. Thanks.

[NB: radio buttons force you to choose one option only. This sucks if you're a "both/and" kind of person, but it's necessary for my evil designs.]

What brings you to my hairy chasms, day after day? Choose one.

posts on religion and philo

nasty, filthy humor

the comic strip, Cosmic Import

posts on Korea-related issues

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