Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Tuesday Worldfarts

Does the Maximum Leader damn Bush with faint praise? His post explains not so much why one should vote for Bush, but why one shouldn't vote for Kerry. I've made up my mind on this point. I can't in good conscience vote for either man. And I won't be voting for Nader. And yes, I'll be casting a vote for an actual human being.

[NB: Naked Villainy permalinks don't take you to the exact post; you'll have to scroll down to the post titled "Why vote Bush? More why not to vote Kerry..."]

Richard at Peking Duck mocks conservative euphoria over the discovery of sarin gas in Iraqi weaponry. Richard also disparages North Korea's nerve at taking the US to task on human rights.

The best (not to mention only) meditation on Chloraseptic I've ever seen.

Every man wishes he had a penis that looked and acted like this.

Moving associatively from penis to Viagra to Niagara, Higo Blog offers some nice pics of moving water.

The conservative Conrad sees two reasons to vote for John Kerry. I say those reasons are pretty insufficient. And speaking of radio personalities being harassed...

At Winds of Change: politics the way I imagine it could be if people lightened up more. It doesn't have to be about agreement. There's a lot more going on, and a lot more at stake. Also, check out Andrew Olmstead's Iraq report.

Anticipatory Retaliation on why people have such different recollections about our reasons for going to war. It's a small but important meta-commentary.

Ryan's pursuits in the field of religious studies lead him to... a strange and interesting hierophany. And in the "Holy relics, Batman!" department: the Buddha's snot.

Via Tacitus, this Drudge link re: Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9-11," which brought down the house at Cannes and prompted the longest-ever standing ovation at that festival. Also via Tacitus is this link to Citizen Smash, who's tracking the sarin controversy.

Cobb offers a rightie perspective on the Abu Ghraib scandal. I see his point, insofar as the scandal requires perspective, but I'm not totally on the same page with him. While our troops' actions were unsurprising as far as wartime incidents go, that doesn't keep them from being reprehensible. Nothing can or should obscure this basic point.

Joe Perez on Christian-Muslim violence in Nigeria, on reasons for blogging, and some preliminary insights on a theology of the body.

The godlike Cerebral Bypass is back in action, and at a new location. I'm honored and happy to be an occasional guest blogger there; Carpemundi's an old friend.

For the Maverick Philosopher, the philosophy of humor is no laughing matter. Also check out his translation of the Latin motto, Omnia mea mecum porto, some Epicurean sex advice, and a very good short essay on the two culture wars in progress.

I roll my eyes at Keith Burgess-Jackson's use of scare quotes when he refers to homosexual marriage (for him, it's only "marriage"), here. But I'm in agreement with him here (and follow the link to the Stanford Prison Experiment-- scary stuff).

Kilgore blasphemes.

Glenn meditates on the Buddha's First Noble Truth.

Fuck caution.


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