Monday, May 24, 2004

pooling ideas

Anyone in Seoul got some idea where a guy can obtain the following?

1. studio apartment or "weol-loom"/one-room
2. own bathroom (not communal)
3. enough room for bed plus two tables and a few bookshelves
4. maybe some closet space
5. a kitchenette might be nice (plus fridge; if not, I've got a huge one)
6. rent WITHOUT key money (can't afford it)
7. rent no higher than about W500,000 a month

Feel free to write in if you think you know of a place. The thing that sucks most about this situation is the timing: I don't know yet whether I've got a job at Ehwa, so I don't know whether it'd be a good idea to move to that part of town (which isn't a cheap area). I'm scouring the Net now and will be talking to one of my dependable Adjummas tomorrow (Tuesday) for advice. She might know of something either near where she lives (way southeast in Karak-dong) or elsewhere. We'll see. Personally, I'd prefer not to move down to where she lives, but I might not have much choice. I have to be out of here by this coming Sunday. Hmmmmm. This is beginning to annoy me.


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