Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Just for the hell of it, I'm letting you comment on this one lone post. Depending on what I see, I may allow more posts to have comments, but I still prefer that people send emails. Why? Because it's obvious that people shoot off when they can do it easily, but when they have to make the effort to write an email, not many people do so.

Go on. Tell me what a fucker I am. Or tell me how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Oh, yeah-- hit the permalink to post a comment.

UPDATE: Here's a little story I wrote.

Once there was a little clump of navel lint.

It had big dreams.

It said:

"One day, I'm gonna leave this fuckin' navel."

Then the owner of the navel decided to take a shower.

The navel lint was swamped.

It drowned.

Its sad little corpse swirled down the drain, into eternal obscurity.




Anonymous said...
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Smallholder said...

While I am an advocate of comments on blogs (note the cool discussions at Kilgore Trout and Annika), but am having a hard time coming up with a comment likely to convince the BigHo that he should adopt the comment option. To what am I supposed to respond? Am I to take umbrage at the speciest dismissal of the hopes and dreams of navel lint? While the BigHo has invited f-word invective, I am loathe to apply it since, to my knowledge, the word is about as applicable to BigHo as it is to William Baden-Powell. When would a Boy Scout Founder or a non-duallist Buddhist student with bloggorhea find time to fornicate?

Anonymous said...

Pretty neat here. If you had an audio option, I'd upload a series of belches, farts, and various gastric noises.

oh well.