Wednesday, May 26, 2004

stopgap measure

A brief conversation with my #3 Adjumma netted me a temporary residence and a place to put most of my stuff. I'm still looking for housing, am in limbo about Ehwa University and other job opportunities, and am probably going to be condemned to a PC-bahng life again for the duration-- at least until I get steady work. A university job would be sweet. If you know of a college that could use someone with my skills-- I can teach French and English, a survey course in world religions as well as courses on interreligious issues and religious pluralism (and I'd love to teach a course in "English through drama")-- give my fat ass an email. Adult students, please; I've taught children and teens in large groups, and would rather not go through that shit again.

Post scriptum: Today's wanderings took me to Bonghwa-san, Kon-dae, Go-dae, and right around my own neighborhood. Yes, there's housing available, but it's either too small and dilapidated or the rental deposit (bo-jeung-geum) is way beyond my means. I even stopped into a rental office that happened to be open (almost everything is closed today) while I was in the Bonghwa-san area. The guy heard my story and shook his head: nope. You need to be carrying about $4500 on you before you can even strike up a deal.

Anyway, thank goodness I have so many relatives here.


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