Saturday, May 29, 2004

the only argument you need

Why is capitalism better than communism? Take a fucking look. Guess whose lights are out.

bitch all you want:  North Korea SUCKS

It boggles my mind that people make excuses for North Korea, shifting blame elsewhere, blaming the weather for the floods and famine that have caused massive death there (as opposed to blaming a stupid administration and shot-to-hell infrastructure that would've made these deaths preventable), blaming the rest of the world-- including South Korea, mind you-- for not sufficiently feeding its ungrateful fucking face.

Just a friendly reminder that NK is living in the Dark Ages. Yeah, I'm directing this at you South Korean college kids who persist in the fantasy that those're your brothers up north. Take a look at the lack of electricity. Do you think your warm and fuzzy sentiments are sweeping over the general populace by TV and the internet? Yeah. Right. Ask yourselves why it is that the South Korean government (with the frequent collusion of countries like mine) dumps money, food, and fuel into a pit like North Korea and gets absolutely jack shit in return.

Just so we're clear: if the North gets desperate and decides the time has come to bum rush Seoul, this is one half-Korean who won't be opening his arms to his "brothers." No; I'll be looking for a firearm to drill as many holes in foreheads as I can. If you're a dove, I'm sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities, but I think being a dove is its own form of pernicious absolutism. If someone's about to hurt or kill your family, will you sit on the sidelines weeping, "Peace, peace, peace!"? Not me. I've got Korean relatives here worth defending. Korean friends worth dying for, too. There is absolutely no way I can equate the North Korean rushing at me with my relatives and friends. And I'll demonstrate the clarity of my perspective with my aim.


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