Sunday, April 23, 2006

100 Below: Volume 21

“There’s nothing more to say,” Frak’s oral sphincter blatted. “Get out.”

Nimeya, who was currently female, whipped her antennae and clacked her enormous mandibles in agitation.

“What of the children?” she chirruped, chitinous plates vibrating. “Who will care for them when your tertiary brain atrophies, Frak? When you can no longer recognize your own offspring, nor ejaculate enough spacta to feed them and drive them into inbreeding frenzies?”

“Inbreeding frenzies are overrated,” trilled Frak. “And I married you despite the fact that you’re my sister.”

Nimeya farted haughtily from her three primary anuses, then scuttled out of the burrow.


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