Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DadWatch: home from the hospital

Around 11am today, I called home. That would be about 10pm the previous day in DC. Dad's now back from the hospital, though he'll have to return there for rehab. He's forbidden from lifting anything over 10 pounds for the next week or so. He's under a few other restrictions, too.

Dad sounded strong on the phone, even cheerful. We have high hopes that he'll make a speedy recovery. One thing Dad mentioned was that, psychologically, it's initially hard for a heart attack victim to take seriously that he's just been through a real, bona fide heart attack. I understand: I'm still unable to believe it. We'll have to deal with the crushing realization later, I suppose, when it truly hits us.

This will be the last DadWatch post: I doubt Dad would like for his every move to be displayed on the blog. Therapy-- not to mention dignity-- flourishes when there's a modicum of privacy.

Again, many thanks to all the personal friends and e-friends who've sent us their concerns and well-wishes. Our family appreciates your thoughts, your kindness, your prayers, and all the other good vibes you've sent our way.


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad your dad came through fine. :) I know dealing with stuff like this is stressful from far away. Take care...