Monday, April 24, 2006

le parcours des farouches

Hojuin noted a few days ago that Australia lost its first soldier in Iraq. His followup post contains a great meditation on old soldiers.

For a rehash of the major issues in the ongoing Iraq debate, I'll point you to Nathan's post here. The comment thread includes a very civil discussion that covers the talking points of both sides. I assume the discussion isn't over, so revisit that thread frequently.

[Irrelevant aside: Hojuin and Joel are shaming me. Joel posted his own "pulling a Shatner," but in the reverse direction-- he's visibly thinning out. Hojuin listed some impressive fitness goals in this post. I can already leg-press 200kg, mainly because my legs have to support this enormous body, but my upper body could do with a tough regimen. Last year, I'd hoped to be running up the Namsan steps, but that goal is mocking me now, thanks to my own indolence.]



Joel said...

Wow thanks for that link. It made me feel really good and then really bad. Because I have already accomplished all of Hojuin's goals. I was flying high until I saw his weight. Ouch. I would kill to weigh less than 80 kg.

Anonymous said...

Joel: haha and I would kill to achieve my lifting goals ... fate is indeed a cruel mistress :)

Big H: 'shaming' could be a bit strong - they are after all only goals who's to say I will achieve them ? (... I actually happen to so IMO that greatly chances that I will but lets not count unhatched chickens and such).

Thanks for the shout out anyway - I look forward to seeing some Big Hominid fitness posts in the near future ;).


Anonymous said...

Honored again, Kevin.

I've had it up to here with the personal attacks in the blogosphere, lately, so I particularly appreciate your appreciation of civility in political discussion.