Wednesday, April 26, 2006

creeping closer to audioblogging


I've got the recording software, the FTP space, and the motivation. The major snag seems to be that the microphone I bought is not a simple plug-and-play. It's a 5-dollar cheapie, this mike, and it was only in looking at the back of the package yesterday evening that I saw horrible, filthy words like "sound card" and "driver" and "maggots." I have a MACINTOSH, for Cthulu's sake! Macintoshes aren't compatible with maggots! We all know this!

So it looks as though I'll be shopping a bit more carefully for a Mac-compatible, plug-and-play mike, perhaps even biting the bullet and visiting one of the local Mac stores so carefully hidden away in Yongsan's Jeonja Land. When I finally get the mike I deserve...

...expect madness.

I might carry this mike over to the office and see whether it works with my Korean PC. Korean peripherals, like Koreans themselves, often have a great deal of self-compatibility. If the mike works, I might just hang out there, after hours, and record some bizarre shit.



Sean said...

[quote]You could record the audio with your MP3 player or purchase a voice recorder and use that. It's easy enough to transfer the files to the computer and enhance them with audacity.

you get ftp space with blogger? I didn't know that.[/quote]

Hecknoman said...

Dude! Unless you have something really strnge going on, your Mac has a microphone jack on it somewhere. It is only a matter of having a compatible style plug for it. If you were here in the states, I'd suggest Radio Snack. In any case, no major expenses should be involved.

Anonymous said...

Superherman action back - 20 years later, in MP3!

kwandongbrian said...

You motivated me to rush out an audiopost. Sure didn't want to be thought of as a copier of the great big hominid.

The audio shows the haste it was made in. Future ones will be better but the Metropolitician needn't look over his shoulder for a while.