Saturday, April 01, 2006

Liminality attacks itself!

Charles's website, Liminality, is currently under attack by a hacker Charles. The site now features a sign in l33tsp33k that reads:

j00 @r3 h4xx0r3d! ph34r m`/ 1337 sk1llz!!!!!!111one!

with love, the Mad Hacker

shout outs to my peeps: M-Dog, B-Bop, TDG, and Ma (Hi Ma!)

Rough translation: You are haxxored (hacked). Fear my elite skills. I won!

Asshole. May you eat the day-old cum of a thousand monkeys.

If you're someone with 1337 H4x0R1n' sk1llz, get in contact with Charles (who is, fortunately, armed with his own computer savvy) and strike back at this punk. I suspect the hacker is barely old enough to shave, and is just looking to fuck around with random people.

UPDATE: And then something occurred to me...

Charles! This isn't some sort of sick April Fool's joke, is it??

UPDATE 2: In the comments to this post, Joel speculates that this is an April Fool's prank, noting that the message is written too correctly to be from a real hacker. Poisson d'avril! Egg on my face. Now-- where's my monkey spunk?

UPDATE 3: Charles, who doubtless knows of my burning hatred of emoticons, gives me a "wink" emoticon in an email and tells me to "view the source."



Joel said...

My money is on April Fool's prank. The hacker name is spliced with a literary character and the names are all capitalized and the list of names follows a colon. It was too hard for him to shake correct writing principles. A real hacker (or most Asian American teenagers or blond cheerleaders) would have alternated capitalized letters with lower case ones. (Plus his workshop is still up:

Kevin Kim said...

Then I've likely been suckered. Damn you, Charles! Damn you to heeeeeeeeell!!

Joel-- today ended up being Not Much of Anything. I met my buddy for lunch; we sat in a coffee shop and talked a bit, and that was it. I feel bad about canceling now, but it's a lame, wet day outside. I might-- might-- go walk up Namsan this evening: fewer people when it's an ugly day.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, mate! But you really did make my day with this. I was convinced that the day would go by and no one would even notice--thanks so much for playing along with my lame little joke. I'll make it up to you, I swear.

Joel's observations were all astute, not to mention correct. I thought about trying to make it look a little more convincing, but I was so worn out after writing that leetspeak line that I said "screw it" and just wrote the rest properly.

And if you look in the source, you'll see that I 'fessed up to the joke in a comment toward the end. Always look at the source first.