Monday, April 03, 2006

memories of a day in June

I doubt you'll remember a Humbert Humbert-style post I blogged last year in June (ladies, if you're offended by an honest account of how the male mind works, don't click the link). I was grouped with a knot of very pretty students and had my picture taken with them in two venues: the first-floor cafe of my particular building, and outside on the Smoo campus grass.

A few days ago, I was given a framed picture showing one shot from that photo session. I decided I wouldn't try scanning it, because the thing is too damn big. Instead, I've snapped a photo of the photo. Here it is:

Here's a closeup of me and the girl who (probably without her knowledge) consumed my attention:

This in turn got me wondering what I might look like without a double chin (none of the girls had one, so maybe I shouldn't, either). Behold the magic of Photoshop:

That was a pretty amazing day.



Jung said...

What did that recently scandalized lawmaker say? It's only natural to want to touch a pretty flower?

My oh my. I need to get me one of these.

R said...

Holy shit it's Jay Leno!

hardyandtiny said...

Dude, why do so many people put captions above their photos?
It drives me nuts.

thanks for the dreamy pics of the young women....ya bastard!
Why the hell am I having so many problems posting?

hardyandtiny said...

btw, you've achieved a very interesting effect by taking a picture of a picture....for me, it's better, I am not sure how, but it just is.

Kevin Kim said...


I usually hear that I look like Paul Rodriguez.