Monday, April 03, 2006

memories of a day in June

I doubt you'll remember a Humbert Humbert-style post I blogged last year in June (ladies, if you're offended by an honest account of how the male mind works, don't click the link). I was grouped with a knot of very pretty students and had my picture taken with them in two venues: the first-floor cafe of my particular building, and outside on the Smoo campus grass.

A few days ago, I was given a framed picture showing one shot from that photo session. I decided I wouldn't try scanning it, because the thing is too damn big. Instead, I've snapped a photo of the photo. Here it is:

Here's a closeup of me and the girl who (probably without her knowledge) consumed my attention:

This in turn got me wondering what I might look like without a double chin (none of the girls had one, so maybe I shouldn't, either). Behold the magic of Photoshop:

That was a pretty amazing day.



R said...

Holy shit it's Jay Leno!

Kevin Kim said...


I usually hear that I look like Paul Rodriguez.