Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

First, a shout-out to Soen Joon sunim, the hottest monk I know, not least because she quotes John Hick at length.

Next, a shout-out to one of the best classes I have: my Tues/Thurs 7:50am intro-level reading students. We're slogging through Aesop's fables, and the students have been great so far. We're now halfway through the 12-week semester, and attendance (except for this past Thursday) has been fantastic. Here's eight out of the nine:

It's a wonder that they've been so faithful, especially when I compare them to my MWF 7:50am class, which dwindled quickly from twelve people to three-- and it's not always the same three people! That class is the only one to show such high attrition, and I've been racking my brains as to why. Maybe it's my in-class farting.

Also of note: a student in another of my great classes (Level 1, MWF, 1pm) gave me a cute little Easter egg. It was in its own origami basket. Koreans obviously don't use the Japanese term when talking about origami; instead, they say jong-i jeop-gi, which literally means "paper-folding."

The above pic is rather lame; I had to magnify the egg a bit to give you a better idea of what it (and the basket) looked like. The egg is gone now; I've already eaten it. Ha ha!

May your Easter be a time of mindfulness and renewal. For me, it'll be a time of thankfulness that my dad is still around to see another spring. And summer. And fall. And so on. For a long, long time, I hope.



Anonymous said...

I got one of those eggs, too. Was it from the same student who gave you yours?

Kevin Kim said...


Yes, I'm pretty sure it was from Hyae-ryeong, since she's in both our classes and she's a Sunday school teacher. She told me that she (and some associates? --can't remember) had made a whole slew of eggs for teachers, students, and assorted kiddies at church. I was delighted to get an egg-- probably the most Easter-y thing about this Easter for me!


Maven said...

I'm envious! You got an easter basket.

And all I got for Easter was being porked in a movie theater while Ice Age: The Melt Down was playing.

Am I going to hell for that?

Have a wonderful and peaceful Easter Kevin!

Anonymous said...

You posted the picture so that we can rate the babes, right? Ok, I'll be the first...

At first glance, 'pink' on the left seems like the first choice, but something about 'white' on the left is growing on me. 'Green' on the left has potential, I admit, if she'd lose the glasses and put on a bit of make up.

It's real hard to make these kinds of decisions without more information (key measurements primarily, but I suppose personality could theoritically be a factor), but I'm going to stick with 'white'.

By the way, your students do read this blog, do they?