Thursday, April 20, 2006

a brush with fame?

Did a bona fide celebrity, the grandson of the man who composed "Korea Fantasy," leave a comment on this humble blog?

If so, I'm honored. If the commenter really is Miguel Eaktai Ahn, then I want to direct him to my brother Sean, who currently lives in Toronto and is an excellent cellist. Sean deserves a shot at the big leagues.

Mr. Ahn, if it really is you, thank you very much for stopping by. If you're interested in contacting my brother, I can give you his email address. Of course, I'd need to confirm that you really are you, but that's a mere formality: your comment seems sincere.

One thing I would love to know: why is this famous piece of music so difficult to find in Korea? I looked all over the place without success.


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