Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Wrath of Wrory


Rory has begun his Photoshopping of yours truly. I saw it while in the office, and a coworker wondered what I was howling about. So now, Rory-- you've gained yet another Korean fan.

I loved this. The next one better be truly cruel.

By the way-- Rory's pic of the dingo symbolizes our differences in how to pluralize the word. I'm trying to convince Rory that "dingoes" is indeed a proper pluralization. "Dingos" is also possible, if Wikipedia be believed. The online Merriam Webster lists "dingoes" as the only possible plural, however. Googlefight results score the "dingos" vs. "dingoes" contest in favor of "dingoes," but it's close. The score:

dingoes = 450,000 results

dingos = 382,000 results

Rory commented that, since the dingo is an Aussie beast, it might be best to pluralize the word the Aussie way. I submit that "dingoes" is the Aussie plural!

In the meantime, I expect to be pounded by some mean Photoshopping. Rory's far more talented at it than I am.

UPDATE: I thought about doing a Rory parody, but the ultimate Rory parody/tribute has already been done. Visit this post of Rory's, then click the link for the great work done by Peemil, the "demented one." I can't beat that.


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