Saturday, April 22, 2006

my hairy chasms appear on OMNI!

Well... not exactly. I didn't really end up on the OhMyNews International BBS on my own merits. I had help from someone with the handle "Stovall" who took interest in my previous post and quoted it in full.

Lookie here, and enjoy the comments that follow it.

A review of some of the Koreabloggers who've posted on the topic of Mr. Yang shows some common themes:

1. Yang is nuts, or overdramatic, or both.
2. His method of protest isn't likely to affect anyone but Koreans.
3. Chicks don't dig guys who stab themselves only part-way.
4. The self-stabbing looks suspiciously Japanese (as Jelly points out in my comments section, the actual seppuku ritual leads to, uh, irrevocable results). Some bloggers and commenters have interpreted this in decidedly humorous ways.

Where I probably disagree with some bloggers is on the issue of whether most Koreans are this passionate. While I think many Koreans might respond to Yang's gesture with sympathy and/or understanding, I don't think most Koreans are silly enough to go to such extremes. People like Yang make the news because they're not common.


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